Soil cultivation

Ge-Force Heavy Duty 4x75

The GE Force has a few specific features. The side drive does not work with a chain anymore, but with three fixed sprockets that are mounted in a loose cast iron box. This results in the final delay taking place at the last moment. The speed frequencies of countershafts can be higher, which results in less wear. The side gearbox can easily handle over 250 HP. More power, less maintenance !

Maintenance friendly

The guard hood is suspended in springs. Therefore, during the workflow, it will constantly vibrate. Soil has no chance of getting attached to the hood. If, in wet conditions, the hood is covered with soil, it can be pushed down manually or hydraulically: the tines then automatically clean the hood.

In order to refine the most difficult grounds, with clods and stones, the GE Force has standard heavier tines (12 x 50 mm). Breakage and wear are minimal. To get a higher capacity under simple circumstances, the machine can be supplied with 6 instead of 4 tines per outline. At a lower rotation speed you can save gas en prevent wear.